"Beau Ideal"
by Jude Jelfs
Slab-built eathenware.

Soda glazed jug by
John Jelfs

John Jelfs - biography

John was born in 1946 and studied ceramics at Cheltenham College of Art.

His pots are all hand-thrown, and the focus has always been on pure form. John uses celadon, ochre and shino glazes, made from wood ash and clay, ingredients local to the studio. Decoration is kept to a minimum. He also soda-fires and has a large wood-fired kiln located at the Whichford Pottery.

"I am excited most by the work of Bernard Leach, Hamada Shoji and the Eastern School of pottery. The strength of their pots lies, I feel, in their quietness."

John's work has been widely exhibited in leading galleries including Galerie Besson, Contemporary Ceramics and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, St Ives Ceramics in Cornwall, Beaux Arts in Bath, Rufford Ceramics Centre in Nottingham, as well as other galleries. It is included in many collections at home and abroad. He is a Fellow of the Craft Potters' Association (CPA).

Jude Jelfs - biography

I studied Fine Art and became a potter when I married one... Over time, my pots have become less obviously functional, referencing my art background more than traditional pottery. 

My work celebrates the human body – mostly, but not exclusively, the female body, and the current pots are flat, almost 2-dimensional vessels that are essentially drawings in space, in earthenware and porcelain. They also play with ideas of anthropomorphism in pottery forms.

Each piece starts with a drawing from life, and most are made in small series. Others are one-offs. I also work in bronze

My work is on show at galleries in the UK and abroad, as well as in our showroom at the Cotswold Pottery. Stockists include: Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London; Liberty London, St Ives Ceramics, Cornwall; Schaller Gallery, St Joseph's, Michigan; Michele Valerin, New York, USA.

I am a Fellow of the Craft Potters’ Association (CPA).